LED Safety Light – Model 560 Warning Projector Light

Clearly alert operators and pedestrians of the potential dangers of moving machinery with the Model 560 LED Warning Projection light.

Maintaining workers’ and pedestrians’ safety while keeping other vehicles at a safe distance can be a challenge on worksites and in warehouses. Time and time again, vehicle lighting has been a major solution to the perils of hazardous work environments.
With superior intensity and light quality, the innovative Model 560 LED Warning Projection Light plays an essential role in protecting operators and pedestrians from the potential dangers of moving machinery. As a result, occupational safety plus operator comfort and convenience are significantly improved, preventing workplace accidents.

Optional Flashing Sequence:
All Model 560 versions come with a variety of beam sequences. Opt for the steady stay on beam pattern, or for additional eye-catching visibility, use the various flash modes to alert workers and pedestrians of dangerous areas. View Specification Sheets below for Flash Modes.

Mounting Pattern:
The brightness (Lux) and pattern size will vary based on the mounting height. To help determine what height is best for your application, please refer to the mounting diagram in the Specification Sheets below.

Features and Benefits:
• 12-72V, suitable for various types of applications
• UL Recognized
• ECE Compliant
• P67, IP69K, & CE Compliant
• Pedestal mount for vehicles or stationary objects

J.W. Speaker LED Safety Light – Model 560 Warning Projector Light

LED Safety Light – Model 560 Warning Projector Light Products

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