About Invision Sales

Invision Sales combines leading technology brands with innovative thinking to drive market growth. Established in 2002, Invision is a multifaceted company that specialises in the sales and marketing of lighting products in the Asia Pacific region.

Invision is the exclusive distributor of Tungsram Automotive Lighting, JW Speaker LED lighting products and Invision Headlight Restoration program. As a result, Invision holds a significant market share in automotive aftermarket, mining, agricultural and marine industries.

Invision imports from several countries around the world and is located in Tullamarine, Victoria, close to all major international and domestic freight hubs.

Invision sales team of technical lighting specialists, sell through national distributors and retailers while working closely with OEM manufacturers based in Australia.

Senior Management – Aftermarket & OEM
Senior Technical Account Managers
Distribution to central warehousing
Emergency Direct to store delivery
Technical expertise in Automotive & Industrial Lighting Industry leading marketing material & support


Every work environment is different, and a lot of factors must be considered when selecting an optimal light source. Does it require a short intense spread of light, or a wider pattern. Is CRI or colour temperature required and do you require EMI protection.

Brand Support

Invisions’ approach to marketing is based on delivering complete brand management solutions that are customer and market driven. Complete merchandising programs, POS and advertising for the retail market through to product storage and identification for the trade users and workshops, are an integral part of the overall marketing plan.

Distribution & Training

Invision Sales work closely with a range of distributors
in Australia and New Zealand to achieve a structured distribution approach to the market. By providing product training along with sales and marketing material, Invision provides the tools required by the distributors to achieve high sales results and retained operating margins.

3D lighting simulation delivers a precise solution

When Invision Sales prepare a lighting solution for your business or work site, it is done utilising sophisticated 3D CAD software to create an accurate simulation.

Our engineers have the complete range of JW Speaker LED worklights specifications programmed into 3D Simulation Software, so that once your work site environment is created, they are able to design a lighting solution that is precise and accurate.

The lighting simulation means we are able to predict exactly how a particular light unit will perform and how effective it will be.

This process is a free consultation provided by Invision Sales with the aim of ensuring the optimal lighting solution is designed and implemented.

LED Lighting for Plant and Equipment

JW Speaker is a leading USA manufacturer of LED lights, including Forward, Emergency and Work lights. JWS supply a wide range of major OEM companies including Harley Davidson, McLaren, John Deere etc. JWS specialise in advanced product design and manufacture with a complete in-house facility.

  • Product Development
  • In-House Modelling
  • Virtual Reality
  • Optical Engineering
  • Circuit Design & Manufacture


The JW Speaker range of LED industrial and plant lighting systems are designed to deliver substantially lower running costs for mains voltage lighting. The range includes LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor environments covering warehouses, workshops, worksites and offices.

The LED industrial and plant lighting utilises advanced LED technology to deliver a premium quality product that provides the maximum light output with maximum life.

  • Building Exterior
  • Large Area Flood
  • Warehouse
  • Maritime
  • Carpark
  • Street

J.W.Speaker lighting is trusted across a diverse range of industries







OEM quality automotive bulbs made in Europe

As a part of a large restructure, GE Lighting has announced the sale of its Global Automotive business, to the Tungsram Group. Led by Joerg Bauer, a former GE executive with more than 20 years of multinational company experience, the sale includes GE Lighting’s Hungarian-based operations, employees, assets and contracts.

What this means to the Australian market is the return of the Tungsram brand with made in Europe bulbs manufactured in the same GE plants.

  • Full upgrade range
  • European manufacturing
  • Standard replacement
  • Cars, trucks & 4WDs

Restores headlights to as new condition

An advanced system that delivers improved headlight performance and clearer vision. As cars get older, the plastic headlight lenses deteriorate as a result of abrasion and UV exposure. The headlights become a dirty yellow colour with an opaque surface. This surface damage can dramatically reduce the light output and make headlights less effective. The Invision Headlight Restoration Kit is designed to restore plastic headlight lenses back to as new condition.

  • DIY kits
  • PROKit for high volume
  • Trade kits replacement
  • Exclusive UV protection