LED Jeep Fog Lights – Model 6145 J2

The Model 6145 J2 Series kit offers an upgrade from the existing Model 6145 J Series, providing plug & play installation and offering both a black and new hydro dipped carbon fiber design.


Street legal supporting ECE / ADR standards:
ECE / ADR versions are for use in Australia. ECE-compliant guarantees that your lights are legal on the road, meeting industry-approved practices.

The Model 6145 fog lights are designed exclusively for LED fog lights, intended for 2007 & newer model year Jeep JK Wranglers.

Mounting Hardware
Requires non-J.W. Speaker aftermarket mounting hardware to install on Hard Rock and 10th Anniversary Edition bumpers.

The Model 6145 J2 Series offers off-road led fog lights with easy plug & play installation. Similar to the Model 6145 J Series, these fogs utilize our unique anti-flicker technology to eliminate the flickering commonly associated with pulse width modulation (PWM) signals in 2014 and newer model year Jeeps.

This series, referred to as the J2 Series, offers three new Jeep LED lights: dual-burn off-road headlights, smoked turn signals, and carbon fiber jeep fog light kits, lighting things up for both on and off-road users.

J.W. Speaker LED Jeep Fog Lights – Model 6145 J2

LED Jeep Fog Lights – Model 6145 J2 Products

Product Description Spec Sheet Pack Quantity
0554413 Model 6145 J2 - 12V LED Fog Light Inserts (For Jeep) - Carbon Spec Sheet File_Download 2
0554573 Model 6145 J2 - 12V LED Fog Light Inserts (For Jeep) - Black Spec Sheet File_Download 2

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