LED Auxiliary Lights – Model 6048

The Model 6048 is the perfect retrofit for GE H4360-12V sealed beams. The durable construction and bright, white light produced by state-of-the-art LEDs combine to make the Model 6048 brighter and more reliable than any bulb-based 5″ x 2″ light could ever be.

A new addition to the Model 6048 Series is the stunning LED 4 Colour Auxiliary Light. Expertly designed with multiple LED colours instead of coloured lenses, this light has a clearer and more attention-getting ray of light. Built with versatility in mind, this LED 4 Colour Light can be mounted on a variety of vehicles and work-sites.

J.W. Speaker LED Auxiliary Lights – Model 6048

LED Auxiliary Lights – Model 6048 Products

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0647101 Model 6048 - 12/24V LED Multi-Colour Warning / Signalling Light Spec Sheet File_Download 1

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