Halogen Headlight Upgrade Bulbs – Megalight Ultra +90

Megalight Ultra +90

Up to 90% more light on the road

The +90 Megalight Ultra is the entry option into the More Light category. Not only does it improve the night driving experience with greater illumination on the road but it’s exceptional value for money.
With 6 base types available, this range is the perfect upgrade option if you’re looking for a globe that will perform and last.

Tungsram Halogen Headlight Upgrade Bulbs – Megalight Ultra +90

Halogen Headlight Upgrade Bulbs – Megalight Ultra +90 Products

Product Description Spec Sheet Pack Quantity
GE50310SXU Megalight Ultra +90 - 12V 55W P14.5s - H1 Spec Sheet File_Download 2
GE50440SXU Megalight Ultra +90 - 12V 60/55W P43t-38 - H4 Spec Sheet File_Download 2
GE58520SXU Megalight Ultra +90 - 12V 55W PX26d - H7 Spec Sheet File_Download 2
GE53110SXU Megalight Ultra +90 - 12V 55W PGJ19-2 - H11 Spec Sheet File_Download 2
GE9005SXU Megalight Ultra +90 - 12V 60W P20d - HB3 Spec Sheet File_Download 2
GE9006SXU Megalight Ultra +90 - 12V 51W P22d - HB4 Spec Sheet File_Download 2

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