LED Light Inserts – Model 93

J.W. Speaker’s LED Model 93 sets a new standard for 90mm headlights & upfitter turn/DRL and fog lights. This upfitter light is design to be a drop-in replacement for buses, RVs, tractors, trams, motor coaches, motorcycles, and custom cars. Single, double, and 3-point mounting options are available for easy installation.


Street legal supporting ECE / ADR standards
ECE-compliant guarantees your lights are compliant in the European Union and in non-European countries that have adopted ECE Regulations for visibility, durability, and reliability (ADR for Australia).

The model 93 is designed as an upfitter light for 90mm headlights & fog lights. Each model 93 is individually packaged, and a variety of mounting brackets are sold separately including single and double pedestal lamp mounting brackets as well as 3-point mounting brackets for 1.5mm and 3mm thick mounting frames.

Offering a light that outlasts the job, the model 93 is sealed to IP67 and IP69K, protecting it from dust and water ingress. The re-designed die-cast aluminum housing is is made to meet the harsh demands of the job.

J.W. Speaker LED Light Inserts – Model 93

LED Light Inserts – Model 93 Products

Product Description Spec Sheet Pack Quantity
0553091 Model 93 - 12/24V LED Low Beam Spec Sheet File_Download 1
0554381 Model 93 - 12/24V LED High Beam (With Front Position) Spec Sheet File_Download 1
0556701 Model 93 - 12/24V LED Fog Light Spec Sheet File_Download 1
8001461 Model 93 - 3-Point mounting bracket for 1.5mm thick frame Spec Sheet File_Download 1
8001471 Model 93 - 3-Point mounting bracket for 3mm thick frame Spec Sheet File_Download 1
8001621 Model 93 - Double Lamp Pedestal Mount Bracket Spec Sheet File_Download 1

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