LED Strobe Lights – Model 406

Most commonly used as emergency strobe lights, the versatile Model 406 offers a mini strobe light for compact spaces.


DIN Pole Mount
Model 406 offers a kit including a Model 406 strobe light, DIN pole mount and hardware to be mounted to a pole with an ISO 4165 socket. Kits ship without the mount pre-installed, since programming the flash mode must be done before applying the DIN pole mount.

Instruction Sheets
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While most of our LED strobe lights measure around 5” tall; the Model 406 is less than 4” in overall height. This provides a lower profile to suit a wider range of applications, particularly where space constraints are a concern.

The Model 406 has six different modes, which provide both flexibility and maximize visibility. This light-weight LED strobe light is also sealed to protect against exposure to water and other harsh environmental conditions, making it extremely durable.

J.W. Speaker LED Strobe Lights – Model 406

LED Strobe Lights – Model 406 Products

Product Description Spec Sheet Pack Quantity
0646501 Model 406 - 12/80V LED Strobe Light - Amber Spec Sheet File_Download 1
0646531 Model 406 - 12/80V LED Strobe Light - Blue Spec Sheet File_Download 1
0646541 Model 406 - 12/80V LED Strobe Light - Red Spec Sheet File_Download 1
8200213 Model 406/407 - LED Strobe DIN Pole Mount Spec Sheet File_Download 1

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