LED Safety Light – Model 4415

Utilizing our Model 4415 design, this safety light projects a bright, highly concentrated warning light. Design includes multiple color configurations to create the best solution for each industry and application.


The Colors of Safety:
Color means different things for different industries. This model is offered in different colors, giving you the flexibility to choose the best color for your respective industry and application.

Mounting Pattern:
The brightness (Lux) and pattern size will vary based on mounting height. To help determine what height is best for your application, please refer to the mounting diagram in the Specification Sheets below.

Safety Lighting Package:
J.W. Speaker offers a safety lighting package, designed to help both your operators as well as your working pedestrians on the floor, adding safety precautions and visibility to your warehouse!

There are countless examples of where safety-zone lighting is needed and appropriate — they’re all too important to trust to an inferior light. With superior intensity and light quality, the Model 4415 Safety Light will increase public safety, helping both drivers and pedestrians feel safe & comfortable.

J.W. Speaker LED Safety Light – Model 4415

LED Safety Light – Model 4415 Products

Product Description Spec Sheet Pack Quantity
0552981 Model 4415 - 12/110V LED Safety Light - Red 'Keep Out Zone' Spec Sheet File_Download 1
0552991 Model 4415 - 12/110V LED Safety Light - Blue 'Keep Out Zone' Spec Sheet File_Download 1

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