LED Safety Light – Model 523 BLU

An adaptation of our popular Model 523 LED construction work light, the Model 523 BLU is an LED safety spot light, designed to project a bright, blue beam pattern on the ground to serve as a visual warning indicator. Similar in function to our Model 770 BLU LED safety spot, the Model 523 BLU projects a much larger and more powerful beam pattern, ideal for applications such as cranes or other tall equipment where the light needs to travel a further distance without sacrificing on intensity.

This innovative lamp features a large (7” x 10”) bank of optics and a self-contained, rugged die-cast aluminum frame with a adjustable mounting bracket.

Looking for AC Power? Use our Model 6406 150W AC/DC Converter.

J.W. Speaker LED Safety Light – Model 523 BLU

LED Safety Light – Model 523 BLU Products

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