LED Panel Lights – Model PL

Dimly lit offices are a thing of the past with the Model PL range of slimline LED panel lights. Fluorescent tubes have been the go to office light for decades because they are efficient and cheap to replace but something that often gets overlooked when designing office lighting is the quality of light being emitted.

Worker productivity is one of the most valuable assets to a business and dimly lit rooms often result in employee fatigue and loss of concentration. With at least 30% more light output than the fluorescent light fixtures, the Model PL LED lights will drastically improve your work space.

J.W. Speaker LED Panel Lights – Model PL

LED Panel Lights – Model PL Products

Product Description Spec Sheet Pack Quantity
990020 40W 240V LED Panel Light Spec Sheet File_Download
990021 40W 240V LED Panel Light - With Dali dimming function Spec Sheet File_Download
990022 40W 240V LED Panel Light - With emergency function* Spec Sheet File_Download

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