LED Heated Headlight – Model 9800

The Model 9800 by J.W. Speaker provides a universal, multi-function headlight ideal for heavy-duty municipal trucks clearing snow on county roads and in residential areas. Perfect for a wide range of applications, this low profile headlight measures just 5″ tall.

Best of all, the Model 9800 is available with SmartHeat® technology, offering a heating solution that uses a thermally-conductive grid system to de-ice the lens up to two times faster than a conventional halogen unit!


SmartHeat® Heating System:
The Model 9800 offers a smart heating system that senses ambient temperature and turns the integrated heating system in the lens on & off. This system only uses 15-18 watts of power, exceeds strict military standards for deicing, and actually clears ice & snow twice as fast as conventional halogen lamps.

One of the great things about the Model 9800 is that it contains four different functions in a single, compact package, including high beam, low beam, turn signal, and front position. The low profile design and flexible mounting options make it a perfect solution for a wide range of use including agricultural, construction, and municipal snow plow headlights.

This all-in-one, low-profile, bolt-on solution delivers a level of flexibility that makes it an excellent headlight choice for nearly any vehicle!

J.W. Speaker’s Model 9800 is best suited for normal snow plowing, not “high speed” plowing on highways.

J.W. Speaker LED Heated Headlight – Model 9800

LED Heated Headlight – Model 9800 Products

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