Xenon HID Bulbs

The Ultimate Headlight
Philips Lighting has been at the forefront of Xenon technology since it's creation in the late 80's. Since then Philips has played a large part in the advancement of Xenon technology and has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of Xenon HID bulb technology.

Xenon HID technology was introduced on to the first production vehicle in 1991 (BMW 7 Series). Today, Xenon HID is the preferred headlight option for many luxury vehicles.

In more recent years, Xenon HID technology has been adapted for use in Driving Lights and Work lamps and has now been adapted to Halogen conversion kits.

What is Xenon HID
The Xenon HID bulb is a High Intensity Dischange bulb filled with a mixture of special salts and gases including Xenon.

Unlike halogen bulbs, Xenon HID bulbs have no filaments and product light from an arc created between two electrodes. Xenon HID bulbs require and electronic starter for quick ignition at approx 25,000 volts and then a ballast to supply 85 Volts for continuous operation.

Xenon HID technology delivers outstanding results in light output, bulb life and resistance to 200% more light output and up to 6 times the life of halogen bulbs.

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