Test drive High Performance Upgrade Globes below:

More Light

PowerVision +60%

More vision for the road ahead

For a safer, more comfortable drive, Philips PowerVision +60% halogen bulb is the right choice for your car.

  • 60% more light for extra control
  • Projects a beam 25m longer than standard bulbs

More Light

Need to See More?

The More Light headlight upgrade globe range is designed to deliver significantly brighter, whiter and more powerful light than standard headlight globes. These upgrade globes deliver up to 100% more light and can increase your on road visibility by up to 35 metres.

Clear White Light

Want to see clearer or be seen?

The Clear White Light headlight upgrade globe range delivers a whiter light that provides clearer and cleaner vision down the road. The whiter light illuminates road signs and reflectors more effectively thus reducing eye fatigue. These upgrade globes are made for those who are after a headlight globe that gives a crisp, white light with a blue reflection when the headlights are off.

Upgrade Assist

Need help selecting the right upgrade headlight globe?

Finding the right upgrade headlight globe for your needs is easy with the innovative Invision Sales Upgrade Assist. You simply enter your headlight lens type and your age into Upgrade Assist, and it automatically selects the perfect globe options for your driving needs. Click here to get started!

More Light Clear White Light