DRL Daylight Guide

DRL DayLight Guide

Part Number: 12825WLEDX1

For the latest in DRL style, you can now choose Philips Daylight Guide, which features homologated lightguide technology for a continuous, uniform diffusion of light and a wider projection angle. Philips Daylight Guide gives you the easy to install solution for upgrading your car to a stylish european look.

  • Maximum visibility, Premium design
  • Maximum light output
  • 100% wider beam compared to other DRL
  • Quick fit bracket system
  • DIY ultra simple wiring kit
  • Dimming function for night driving
  • Premium modern design
  • Ultra slim continuous LED line
  • No maintenance, lasts life of vehicle
DRL Daylight Guide  Dimensions 163x19mm
Features Duel Function. Click for more info.
ECE R87 HOMOGATED Learn about Installation

A bright idea from Philips

The LED DayLight Running Lights feature an innovative Dual Function which dims the lights to parker level brightness when the headlights are activated. This allows optimal vision for the driver and reduced glare for oncoming vehicles.

With no extra wiring necessary this advanced component makes the LED Daytime Guide perfect for every road condition, day or night.

LED DayLight Guide
LED DayLight Guide

During daylight hours.

LED DayLight Guide

While headlights are active.