Lighting Specialist

LED lighting has developed rapidly, becoming the number one light source for a whole range of applications. For headlights, interior lights and work lights, JW Speaker are at the forefront of this development and lead the world in the design and development of high powered, heavy duty LED lighting.

As this new technology enters the market place, you need to kept up-to-date with this rapidly changing technology.

Speaker Lighting Specialist Program

Develop New Business

The Philips Authorised Specialist Program is designed to bring in new business as you are able to advise your customers on the best lighting solution to meet their needs.

The training programs will give you the product knowledge to up sell to new technology products while servicing your customers needs beyond their expectations.

The Authorised Specialist Criteria

By understanding the technology that is built into the Speaker products, you will be confident in recommending the right product to meet your customers requirement. By understanding the full extent of the lighting products, you will be able to see new market opportunities in your own area. Speaker technology is developed for applications worldwide, so the technical training will bring a wealth of information that can be applied to your business.

There are no stock requirements to become a Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting Specialist, just a commitment to training and product knowledge to allow you to recommend the complete program to your customers.