Lighting Specialist

Philips is the world's most technically advanced lighting company and recognises the importance of technical knowledge when dealing with today's vehicles. To utilise this knowledge, Philips has developed a new program designed to enhance your business.

The Philips Specialist Program is a concept designed to bring new customers into workshops, specifically to fix their lighting problems. With a modern vehicle the job of even changing a headlamp globe is now beyond most drivers, as it means taking out the battery and often a lot of other components to get to the globe.

Much of this business is going to dealerships because for many people, that's the only place they know. The Philips program plans to help workshops secure a share of this lighting business.

A Philips Authorised Specialist stocks the Philips product, is able to fit globes and correctly align them with a headlight aimer or aiming board. They also have the ability to analyse electrical system faults.

Philips X-Treme Vision +100%

Develop new business

The Philips Authorised Specialist Program is designed to bring in new business as you are able to advise your customers on the best lighting solution to meet their needs.

The training programs will give you the product knowledge to up sell to new technology products while servicing your customers needs beyond their expectations.

The Authorised Specialist Criteria

As a Philips Lighting Specialist, you will need to meet the following criteria.

  • Selected Upgrade Range
  • Selected Range of Standard Replacement Globes
  • Staff Training
  • Headlight Aiming Device
  • Fitting Capability
  • Electrical System Analysis