Lighting Specialist

Just about every car aged 8 years and older that comes into your workshop is a potential customer for the Headlight Maintenance Program. This innovative 3 step service to restore, aim, and finally upgrade your customers headlights goes way beyond just restoring the headlight lenses. The program gives you the tools to elevate the headlight system to better than new.

Headlight Maintenance Lighting Specialist Program

Develop New Business

As a Headlight Maintenance Specialist, you are able to generate new business that previously did not exist. Not only do you charge out the workshop time to restore and aim the headlights, you are able to up-sell your customer to one of the Philips performance globes, increasing the light output to more than the cars original specification.

Headlights that require restoration can have dramatically reduced on-road illumination and cause dangerous glare to oncoming drivers. This program allows you to add value to your business while making your customer's vehicle a lot safer.

The Authorised Specialist Criteria

As a Philips Specialist, you are already able to offer globe upgrades along with the ability to aim them correctly. To complete the full range of services, you will be required to stock a Headlight Restoration Kit Counter Display which you receive when you purchase a QTY of 5 kits.